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Daytona Hockey Academy




Jimminda Thompson

District Relations Manager

Florida Virtual School (FLVS)

2145 Metrocenter Blvd, Suite 200

Orlando, FL 32835

Office: (407) 900-9819

Mobile: (904) 514-3262



Sally A. Fernandez

Marketing, Student Outreach

Florida Virtual School Full Time

partnering with Connections Academy

5401 S. Kirkman Road, Suite 550

Orlando, FL 32819


Provide student/ athletes an opportunity to focus on the three most important things to help them reach their hockey goals.  School, Ice time, and Training/Nutrition.  Our student/athletes will be able to utilize their time at the rink both on and off the ice in an effort to help them compete at the next level of hockey and academics.


About us:

We are a combination of Florida Virtual School online educational program and Daytona International Skateway Ice Hockey program.  All our students have improved their grades from the prior year. All of our students have 3.5 or higher GPA’s.  Our students can focus on the important skills they need to be successful in school and life.


Academics: The Hockey Academy encourages its students to participate in the Florida Virtual School Online programs.  We are not affiliated in any way with the virtual school.  Some students prefer to go home to complete their online school.  The ones who stay at the rink will use the Conference room as a class room. The supervisor will be there to help them if needed.


Hockey Program:

The hockey program will focus on individual player development.  We will have players of all ages and level in the school sharing the ice.  Our coaches will create individualized programs for each player with an emphasis on “making our weaknesses become our strengths”. Players will be on the ice for 4.5hrs per week. Tuesday , Wednesday and Thursday for 1.5hrs each day.   The program will start with an evaluation period of two or three weeks.  In this time the coaches will be evaluating each player and creating a season long training plan for each individual player.  Just like in school players will get Quarterly evaluations of their progress.  Every day on the ice we will focus on different skills as a group before we break into our own workouts.  We will teach power skating for a full hour every week.  The Jr. Team practices before we get on the ice every day.  The players from this high level team will be helping coach work with the students.  The Hockey program will include the cost of playing with the Daytona Racers Fall season as part of the tuition!  You are guaranteed a spot on any Racers A team if you attend the school. 

Hockey specific training program:

Ice sports require very different muscle groups than other sports.  We will be providing a trainer who will create sport specific workouts for all our student /athletes.  All students will participate in daily workouts led by the trainer.  The training program will focus on Flexibility, core strength, balance/stability training, Sprinting/ endurance running, as well as Yoga, Boxing, and exercises specific to Hockey. 


Health and Nutrition:

We have our Snack bar open all day for students to get hydrated and for snacks.  We will also be working with Publix to provide healthier lunch options for our Students.  We will have a nutritional Coach as part of the Daytona Ice Sports Academy team to talk to students and their families about the benefits of eating healthier for their sports.


Tuition: (Reduced)

 $7,000 this includes All morning ice sessions, all off-ice training, and work area to complete your online school work.  We are willing to work out a payment plan to help accommodate family financial needs.  The students will also receive all the benefits below with their tuition.


Student Athlete Benefits:

       Players get Official School Jersey and Socks

       No Charge for Skate and shoot during school year

       No Charge for Public Skating

       Free admission to Daytona Racers Jr games

       Unlimited Gym Access

       $5.00 Skate Sharpening

       Discounts in pro shop and snack bar

       Discounted Skating Treadmill sessions




    If you are interested in more information about the Daytona Hockey Academy please contact Ryan Kravetz at or 818 521 5752 

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